Shadow warriors serve to ensure our future is secure. When they fall, we continue that mission at home, to ensure their children’s future is secure.

¬†Spookstock Foundation provide’s mentorship programs, career opportunities and donates to other foundations that arrange college funding for the children of the fallen shadow warriors. We raise all donations through annual music events.



The Spookstock Ken-Asbury Mentorship Program, connects college age and beyond beneficiaries with senior executive/industry leader mentors. The Graduation Celebration Program brings current year college graduate beneficiaries to the music event for a weekend of activities, celebration and career introductions.


Spookstock music events are clandestine rock concerts. Invitation-only events for industry and government senior executives. Featuring a Battle of the Bands and well known Headliners, these rock concerts bring us all together to raise money for the children of the fallen shadow warriors.


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Cost per College Year

Full cost of a college education per year/per student including tuition, fees, room and board, books, tutoring, computer, printer, supplies, transportation, college visits, and ACT/SAT preparation.

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Amount Donated To Date

Since 2012, Spookstock Foundation has donated over $3.6M to the Beneficiary Foundations. All donations are raised at the annual music events through ticket sales, patron opportunities, auctions and campaign appeals.

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College Years Funded

Spookstock donations have enabled the Beneficiary Foundations to provide over 162 funded college years.


Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Ensures full post-secondary educational support to surviving children of special operations personnel and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel ~ today and in the future.

The Need

* Over 1150 Special Operations service members have lost their lives since 1980. * Committed to funding educations for over 880 children. * Over 150 children currently in college. *

CIA Officers Memorial Foundation

Provides educational support and emergency financial assistance to the families of CIA officers who die while on active duty or who are severely wounded or disabled serving in a war zone.

The Need

* Awarded over $9M in scholarships to more than 160 dependents since 2001. * Committed to funding educations for over 100 children. * More than 70 children currently in college.

Defense Intelligence Memorial Foundation

Honors the fallen officers of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise through scholarship and philanthropy. Provides educational opportunities to the children of fallen defense intelligence officers.

The Need

Children of fallen intelligence officers in the Defense Intelligence Enterprise including: DIA, NSA, NGA, NRO, Service Intelligence Components, Combatant Commands
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