Your donation helps us achieve our mission to help safeguard and enable the security, fulfillment and growth of the children of fallen shadow warriors.  And to fulfill our promise to the nation’s shadow warriors:

While you stand watch for all of us, fear not, for if you should fall, we will always be here to stand watch over those you left behind.

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The Graduates Program Fund enables all the components of the Grads Program, including college to career transition programs, dedicated Job Board, travel and hotel for the Grads Celebration and college graduation gifts.

Program Overview:

The first component of the Grads Program provides assistance for College to Career Transition; including resume consulting, job interview skills training, business card development, LinkedIn profile assistance, mock interview practice, networking opportunities, and a dedicated job board from internship to full time career opportunities.

The second component of the Grads Program is the Graduation Celebration. The celebration weekend brings the recent college graduates to DC for a 3-day experience. Spookstock arranges tours and briefings at the Pentagon, CIA, NGA and DIA, where the grads have an opportunity to meet those who knew their parent. Additional activities include a private tour of the White House, special visits to Arlington National Cemetery and a Potomac River Boat tour with Spookstock Patron senior executives. The weekend culminates with the Spookstock Music Event where the grads are the honored guests.

The Mentor Program Fund enables our Senior Executive Mentorship Program. All donations to this fund are utilized to enable, grow and improve the mentor program for the beneficiary kids. 

Program Overview:

Senior Executive mentorship opportunities to provide advice, assistance and connections into career fields for our beneficiary college students and beyond. The mentor program is deployed via a highly secure virtual app, allowing text and “face to face” communications from any location. The mentor app provides mentor/mentee matching, as well as peer to peer connections.

The Promise Program Fund enables us to keep our promise to watch over those left behind.  The fund will be used to ensure the security, fulfillment and growth of their children – providing assistance wherever necessary to help.

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